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Integrate Technology into Your Industry

The methods and machinery of the past are becoming obsolete more each and every day, as the innovators of today create solutions for the professionals of tomorrow. This is a big deal, and every change made helps society accelerate more. However, while this is happening, many experienced industry leaders are refusing to accept the implementation of new methods and new technologies, leaving the opportunity for business owners like you to take the chance and make a transition into more efficient operations.

A business should be constantly seeking better profits, more of the market share, and a vast and intuitive strategy for the next step. Every company, even the largest ones, are looking to become bigger, and get stronger financially and socially. However, to do this, new methods must be adopted, and a different type of operation must go into the business. Your business is reliant on how efficiently you can sell what you offer, and technology can help make that happen in every step of the process.

It makes things more organized, it makes things effortless, and for Alex Anninos, a real estate agent for the Mavroules Real Estate Team in Massachusetts, it is making his career advancement easier. As a young real estate agent that started during the fall of the housing markets in 2008, much of his success has come from his adoption of technology in order to make the best decisions as quickly as possible. The survival of a business is counting on the ability for you to trump the competitors, and with every business in your industry using the same methods as the next, the future is to beat them with technology.

The Power of Partnerships

The stereotypical conflict found between partnerships in business involves one undercutting the other partner with a corrupted method of blackhat business. This has historically been used in movies, news, and other media to describe the volatility of partnerships in the past, and to this day people still have ill feelings about the venture option. However, though the wrong concoction can bring scary results, a well-planned partnership not only makes powerful opportunities available, but also streamlines the burden that comes with operating a business.

The limits of one person is much shorter than that of another, making the employee a resourceful solution for a growing business. But employees can only go so far in the operational aspect of a business, and for some, one business owner comprises the entire executive power of a single, rapidly-growing company. A partnership that is created between two compatible people makes responsibilities of operating a business very comfortable, and very manageable.

Partnerships also give companies and professionals the ability to share their resources, exchange their networks, and consolidate their customer base. The Mavroules Real Estate Team, one of the best real estate teams in Massachusetts, made a recent partnership with LAER, the largest real estate company in the region of New England. “This merging broadens our horizons”, Alex Anninos of Mavroules Team says, “both sides benefit from a massive consolidation of what he have available, giving everyone involved the opportunity to work better in the northeastern housing market.”

People and Properties - The Two Sides of Real Estate

Real estate is a game of house judging, and one that can be increasingly profitable or painful. However, the pristine factors that go into buying and selling a house for its perceived value is only one part of the sale. In the background, and throughout the rest of the process, lies the game of people and persuasion, and the battle between multiple minds to make the best house win, and the lowest value lose.

Both of these sides require dedication and effort in order to close the sale at the highest value. Low people skills will cause the price to go down just as quickly as a low-quality property for sale. The skill of a real estate agent is very important in the process, making the mission of selling a house as much about the homeowner’s choice as it is the market’s needs. The person representing the house that is on the market is the ambassador, the bridge between those looking to buy, and the homeowner ready to sell.

The people game is much more important than the house itself, because even the worst house in the world can be sold by an elite salesman that knows how to talk up a potential buyer. “This separates the good real estate agents from another,” says Alex Anninos, a member of the Mavroules Real Estate Team in Massachusetts, “there are those that care, and know how to talk others into their needs, and there are those that only look for the money.” The talk of a real estate agent can mean the difference between a high value property and one that stagnates in the market.

Customer Service is a Secret Weapon

What do your customers want? Selling a product to a customer is one thing, but the constant challenge that businesses face is the backlash of customer request, customer complaints, and everything involving the caretaking of the customer’s needs. This is a science that is hard to learn, and even harder to implement into the operations of a business. Understanding how this works and how it can be correctly turned into an asset will make it a very powerful portion of your business, serving as a secret weapon to increase profits and capture more of the market share.

Unwrapping customer service makes it easier to digest. In short, it is simply the way that a business treats its customers, listens to them, and works with them to better fit their needs. However, in the specifics of life, it gets much more complicated, and with your entire market being several thousand people with different needs, it takes a certain mindset to have the ability to tackle all of these needs under general administrative decisions in the operations of a company. Making use of this mindset will leave customers happy, loyal, and more willing to purchase new products in the future.

Products aren’t the only thing that require customer service. Offering a service to consumers also requires extensive customer service, as usually this will involve more consumer interaction than selling products with review availability. Alex Anninos implements customer service strategies into his real estate services, which has made his reputation a wild success. These strategies have the ability to fit into any company. All it takes is your intuition and understanding of how to please the people of your market.



Avoiding the Concept of Buying Too Much House

Living in a society where the subliminal messaging is that upgrading to bigger is always better, whether it’s our houses or our food, it can be challenging to redirect our thought processes to the concept that smaller might be best. In the world of real estate, a good Realtor knows that if a client buys too much house for their budget, the implications can be detrimental in numerous ways. Alex Anninos, a highly successful Realtor affiliated with the Mavroules Team and LAER Realty Partners, knows that setting up clients for success means finding a home that a client loves that is also financially feasible. He recommends the following to ensure that you refrain from buying more house than you can afford.

  1. Do not enter into a home owning situation in which you own less than 5% of your home. If you ever wish to sell, it will be incredibly difficult if you have such little equity. Make sure that you buy a house with a sizeable down payment that gives you a higher amount of equity in your home.
  2. Factor in all sleeper and additional costs up front. Will you be able to pay the property taxes? Will you be able to manage maintenance and unforeseeable costs, such as a new roof, or a broken septic tank? If you won’t be able to save for such things, the house is too much.
  3. Don’t buy a home that you won’t be able to furnish because you spend too much on the house itself. It’s much more enjoyable to own a house that you can afford to pay the mortgage on and buy nice furniture and appliances to personalize the home and make it your own.


Finding Your Perfect Real Estate Agent -

Making Sure You Have the Right Fit

When you’re in the market for a new home or looking to sell a home, hiring a real estate agent to help you through the process might be the best decision you’ve ever made. With the support and expertise that an excellent real estate agent can provide you with, your home buying or selling experience will be made so much more enjoyable and manageable than it would be otherwise. Alex Anninos, a highly respected Realtor based in Danvers, Massachusetts, suggests considering the following when looking for the perfect Realtor to meet your needs.

1. Find a Realtor who knows the area and has a high success rate of selling or purchasing homes in that area, depending on what you need. Working with a Realtor who is highly knowledgeable about the area ensures that every opportunity will be taken, increasing your chances of finding the best home for the right price.

2. If you are looking to buy a home, working with a Realtor who is interested in getting to know you on a deeper level will greatly affect your experience, and ultimately, the house that you end up buying. If your Realtor knows what you plan to do in the house, how long you imagine yourself living there, what you like to do for fun, if you’re more interested in living somewhere that’s walkable, and so on, the process of finding a new home will prove to be much more intuitive. Working with a person who knows what you need to live your happiest life in your new house will do wonders for your experience.

3. Look for a Realtor who has a flexible schedule that aligns with your daily life. The more time you can spend with your Realtor, the greater the chances are of finding the perfect home or selling the home you already have.

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How to Set the Price for Your Home

Pricing is one of the biggest decisions in the home selling process. As a seller, when you set an unrealistic price for your home, you run the risk of turning off prospective buyers. Setting a realistic price will up the chances of selling your home faster.

In order to price your home for the best results:

1. Estimate your home’s value

Conduct thorough research to find out what comparable properties in your area have sold for. You should also consider hiring a professional real estate agent or mortgage valuer who has good knowledge of the area.  Be prepared to leave room for negotiation in your asking price. Being emotionally attached to your home will prevent you from objectively placing a value on the property.

2. Choose your house sale strategy

After learning about what the price of your home should be worth, it is important to choose a strategy for selling it. You should listen to the advice of the local real estate agent that you are working with, since he/she will have the experience of what works in your area. However, you should not feel compelled to accept it. The deciding factor is how quickly you want to sell your home. Put the home at a lower price if you want to sell quickly and vice versa.

Alex Anninos has successful a blissful career as a real estate agent.

Finally, you are the one who decides the price and not the agent.

Alex Anninos is a highly regarded professional in the world of real estate. He was a part of the RE/MAX Platinum Club in 2013. Anninos is a member of the Mavroules Team; a team of real estate professionals who are dedicated to helping clients to achieve their goals with as little stress and risk as possible.